Privacy Policy


Buxton Markets collects and processes personal data about its members, registered traders and potential traders.   The data we collect and how we process it is as follows:


When someone becomes a member we record their contact information.  We record this  because we have a legal obligation to inform them about certain things relating to the operation of the company; for example we must provide notice of general meetings and  resolutions put to members for approval.
If a member has provided us with a loan we will record the amount of the loan we will use the contact information because we have a contractual obligation to inform them of any interest/prizes due on the loan and to repay the loan when it becomes due.

We will use contact information to contact members who have a legitimate interest to be informed about the companies activities.   Any member may opt to no longer receive this type of information.

Registered traders

Anyone who books a pitch or stall on the market will be required to fill in a registration form which will provide us with information about them including:  Name and contact information; trading name; type of goods / services sold; details of their public/product liability and employers insurance; details of any certification they hold as a requirement of selling their goods/services.

We will record when they book a pitch or stall on the market and when they actually stand; we will record fees due and paid.

We record and process this information because we have a legitimate interest in doing so in order to manage the market and to ensure that traders operate within the terms of our regulations, within the terms of our licence to operate the market and within statutory regulations.

We may pass some personal data to third parties if it is necessary to meet our legal and licence obligations for example we may pass details to the relevant body in order to confirm that a registered trader has the appropriate certificates and insurance for their type of trade (e.g. Food Hygiene, gas safety etc.).

Potential traders

We record information about potential traders who tell us that they trade on markets and/or might want to trade on our market in the future.   We record their contact information, trading name and the type of goods/services they provide.   We use this information to inform them of markets / events which they might want to attend.    We have a legitimate interest in telling potential traders about our events and they have a legitimate interest in learning about our events.

Any potential trader may opt out from receiving information about some or all of our events and may opt to have their details removed from our database.


Passing data to third parties

Other than as described above we will not pass personal data on to any third party without your specific consent unless we are required to do so by law.


Version date: 25 May 2018